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  1. Link your Jira and Confluence instances via application links. 
    1. Go to Jira Administration > Applications > Integrations > Application links and click Create New link. 
    2. Set your connection as a Primary.

  2. Link your Jira Service Desk Project with a Confluence space. 


    1 If you don’t, there won’t be any results in the support portal; regardless if you select the necessary Confluence spaces in the app setup (next step).

    2. For example, you have knowledge base articles in Confluence spaces: space1, space2, and space3. If you want your users to be able to find information from all of these, it doesn't matter which of them you link to the JSD project on this step. But, all 3 must be selected in the app configuration in the next step.

    1. Go to your JSD Project > Project Settings > Request types > Knowledge base and select Link to a Confluence space.
    2. Select a Confluence space. Note that you should only select spaces where you have the permissions to view in Confluence.

  3. Specify which other spaces you want to include in the support portal search for your users.  
    1. Go to Confluence Administration > Manage apps  and select Configuration in the KB SEARCHER section.
    2. Select spaces where the search must be done so that no extra information is exposed.


Now, you're all set.


What's next?

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