Does any of this sound familiar:

This is because there is a known limitation where you can only get results from one Confluence space when you search for information in Jira Service Desk. There is a big demand for this, yet no ready solution out of the box.

Well, suffer no more!

Multi-Space Knowledge Base Searcher extends search capabilities to enable your users search across several Confluence spaces from one support portal.

  • The search extension functionality requires two apps to be installed – one for Jira and one for Confluence.
  • Please note as of Feb 26, 2020, Data Center compatibility will be released in the next 30-60 days.

Awesome! where to next?

Ready, steady, go configure!


Use in conjunction for MAX power:


    Surveys for               Issue History        Easy PDF Word Issue    
        for Jira                    Collector™                 Templates

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