Gaia Activity

What's new

Gaia Activity is a new product of the popular Gaia Suites.

As a JIRA user, no matter you role, you might need to create sets of recurrent JIRA issues, Confluence pages, or any other items that are all part of the same so called activity. Gaia Activity is there to help you manage Jira issues and Confluence Pages as Templates.


Considering that is a Jira Issue Template, and is a Confluence Page template, this is how an activity template looks like:

Read the Basicssection to fully understand the concept of our templates!

What can Activities be?

Activities could be, for instance, of the following:

Software Engineering and Project Management

  • Software development recurrent tasks (sprint 0, software code review, a new release, retrospective, build)

  • Tests Campaigns (regression SQA, delivery tests, quality control tests, report to complete)

  • Engineering Hardware and Production (a new PCB to deliver, a production line validating a new equipement to assemble)

  • Quality (quality control, checklists, etc.)

  • Project Gates (a gate may consist of several items to validate, checklists, documents to deliver to your teams, management or customers)

Human Resources, IT

  • IT Activities (new network to deploy, new system to install or review, etc.)

  • A new employee is hired (generating many tasks for different departments: new PC, new accounts to create, welcome meetings with many people)

  • and so on.

We reused some of the same concepts already existing in Gaia for JIRA – Project Templates to extend the user experience. JIRA System Administrator is now able to provide the access to any user to create his/her own templates.

Some technical Basics

Activity allows to create an Activity Template, which itself is a scenario composed of one or several Component Templates. When a new activity is instantiated from an activity template, all the components will be automatically instantiated.

The following Component Templates are targeted to be supported in version 1.0:

  • Issue Templates : list of JIRA Issues to be created in any projects

  • Page Templates: set of Confluence pages and their hierarchy to be created in an existing Confluence space, from a selected page root. 

Every users will be able to create and instantiate activities. A Project Activity can be created from the JIRA Project pages and is available to every users having the Create Issue Permission.

Future Versions

Other components that are targeted for future versions (1.1+): 

  • Tempo

  • Structure from ALMWorks (would allow to create a predetermined and pre-filled Structure).