Multi-Space Knowledge Base Searcher

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You have a lot of knowledge base articles distributed across several Confluence spaces. You love the structure, you don't want to change it, but your users can't find all helpful content when searching in the support portal.
  • Due to documentation specifics you have to have multiple Confluence Spaces but now you are stuck with having to pick just one that you can link with your Service Desk portal.

This is because there is a known limitation where you can only get results from one Confluence space when you search for information in Jira Service Desk. There is a big demand for this, yet no ready solution out of the box.

Well, suffer no more!

Multi-Space Knowledge Base Searcher extends search capabilities to enable your users search across several Confluence spaces from one support portal.

Awesome! where to next?

Ready, steady, go configure!

Use in conjunction for MAX power:


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