I don't see any results in the search

Ensure that you linked your JSD project with a Confluence space and selected the spaces for the search.

I don't see results from some spaces

Try checking the following items:

  • ensure that you select all needed spaces in the app configuration.
  • check your permissions to those Confluence spaces. Multi-Space KB Searcher only runs search in the spaces that are open to public (Anonymous user should also have the permission to view).
  • the app searches in the spaces that are of the Knowledge Base type, make sure that the Confluence spaces meet that requirement.

    Possibility to add other spaces type (i.e. Documentation, Software project) is under investigation as this is Atlassian limitation for now but we're looking for the workarounds.

How can I make sure no sensitive information is exposed?

You are the boss of your Confluence spaces, and this is up to you which spaces you select to be and not be visible to the world. The app only widens search capabilities but this is done for the Confluence spaces that are visible to public already and even those you can limit in the app settings.