ES cloud - FAQ

Can I see signature information on the ticket without having to click on the panel?

Yep. According to Atlassian there are two options for the panel in the ticket glance display when you open a ticket:

  1. New display hides the panel, and you need to click on it to see the results.
  2. Old display makes the panel visible immediately. To enable this view, add ?oldIssueView=true to your URL. As a result, you will see the information on the ticket age without any additional clicks.

I've setup E-signatures Post function, why do I see previous signatures in the E-Signatures tab and in Issue glance?

The post function cleans signatures from workflow status and does not delete any information from E-Signatures tab or Issue glance. This means that your signature will be required again when you try to make transition to a certain state. This is helpful to use the E-Signatures post function along with using the E-Signatures validator.

Can I expect that the Cloud version has the same functionality as the Server version?

We're working hard to ensure the most similar functionality in Cloud as you're used to seeing in Server. But it may not be totally the same due to different architecture between Server and Cloud Jira versions.





Bulk operation with Electronic Signatures(tick)(minus)Scheduled
Exception for Signing an Issue(tick)(minus)Scheduled
JQL functions(tick)(minus)

Investigating feasibility

Prevents unauthorized actions on tickets


Requesting specific group or user to sign


Requiring Electronic Signatures on ticket transition screen

(tick)(minus)This functionality is not relevant in Cloud
Signature information tab(tick)(tick)
Сheck user credentials before the transition is performed (ES Validator)(tick)(tick)

Сompliant with FDA CFR 21 part 11


I have another question, where do I get help? 

Yes, let's talk! We'd be happy to help. You can always reach us at, and we'll get you covered.