ES cloud - Viewing signatures

Once you sign the ticket, you will get the information about the signature in the ticket and on the Search issues screen.

Electronic Signatures tab

Once signed, the ticket shows the information in the E-Signatures tab

Note that according to Atlassian there are two options for the ticket display. The old view will look like as following:

Electronic Signatures in Issue glance

  1. Go to your Issue and on the right panel click Open E-Signatures.

  2. The ticket shows information about who has signed the Issue.

    Here is how the ticket looks like when there is no signees.

Print E-Signatures Certificate

To generate and download E-Signatures Certificate, go to E-Signatures tab in the Issue and click Print.

E-Signatures Certificate shows Issue Key, Summary, Description, Assignee, and history of Electronic Signatures.

E-Signatures Custom Fields

Electronic Signatures app contains custom fields that you can use to easily find and filter signed issues:

  • E-Signed By - shows the last signatory of the issue. 
  • E-Signed On - shows the last signature date of the issue.
  • E-Signatures Meaning - shows the last meaning with which issue was signed.
  • E-Signatures History - shows all signatures dates, signatories, and meanings of the issue.

E-Signatures fields are available for Basic and Advanced (JQL) issue search. Users can quickly find and filter signed tickets, or use E-Signatures fields for better issue view and export issues data.

Please find the most popular use cases:

  • "E-Signatures History[Paragraph]" is not EMPTY - find all signed issues.
  • "E-Signed On[Time stamp]" > startOfMonth() - find issues signed in the current month.
  • "E-Signatures History[Paragraph]" ~ "John Doe" - find issues signed by John Doe anytime.
  • "E-Signed By[Short text]" ~ "John Doe" - find issues that were last signed ever by user John Doe.
  • "E-Signatures Meaning[Paragraph]" ~ "Approval" - find issues that were last signed with Approval (or similar) meaning.

This is it! Enjoy your Electronic Signatures and stay tuned as we constantly introduce new features to the app. Besides,  you can always submit a feature request in our support portal.

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