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HTTP Feed Custom Fields

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to retire HTTP Feed Custom Fields. After a few years on the Marketplace, we have seen decreased usage and low interest in this product, making continued development and support not viable.

You may continue using your installed license and we will continue supporting customers with active licenses, but we will no longer release updates through the Atlassian Marketplace. We will archive the app on the Atlassian Marketplace in 90 days, and you will no longer be able to renew your license. We recommend you take a look at Power Custom Fields for Jira or JMCF that are similar in functionality with an even wider set of features

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and we hope the impact to your organization and customers will be minimal. Please don't hesitate to contact our support team  if you have any questions

HTTP Feed Custom Fields

HTTP Feed Custom Fields app enables you to retrieve dynamic information from external systems. No more disconnected data that you have to put manually – get it all in your Jira, on required issues, at one place.

This app contains fields that obtain values from HTTP request in XML or JSON formats. Searchers are available for all custom fields.

  • JSON Request Custom Field obtains values from JSON response via JSONPath. 
  • XML Request Custom Field obtains values from XML response via XPath. 
  • JSON Multi Request Custom Field obtains values from JSON response via JSONPath. 
  • XML Multi Request Custom Field obtains values from XML response via XPath. 

Easy to configure HTTP requests

Easy to configure values source. You can set basic access authentication and select an HTTP request type.

Feed single and multi select options using JSON or XML

Select field obtains values from a JSON or XML response via JSONPath or XPath.

Extend Jira functionality with "smart" fields

Create custom fields which can be populated with dynamic datasource.

Use in conjunction for MAX power:

    power scripts                                        

Power Scripts™       Power Custom Fields®      Power Database Fields
       for Jira                           for Jira                           PRO® for Jira


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