Can the 'Total Time in Status' field be JQL searchable?

This feature cannot be implemented due to the nature of the field and the way Jira search works.

Currently,  Lucene-based Jira search works through indexes which are updated when the Issue is edited. This facilitates and speeds up the search.
The plugin SLA field is a calculable custom field that changes its value every millisecond. We get the value of this field only at the moment when it is addressed or displayed / modified. If the Issue has not been accessed or edited for a while, the index value in Lucene will 'remember' only its last state which can be a years ago, which cannot be considered a reliable result in the search.

Known limitation starting with  Jira 8.8.0 version?

There is an UI bug at Report Configuration pages, we can not affect. This is valid for both reports.

This page is generated based on Plugin XML descriptor, so we have no power to change the way it is rendered. Very likely, this is an Atlassian's bug and currently we are looking for workarounds.

(Cloud version) Can I see ticket age on the ticket without having to click on the glance (panel)?


According to Atlassian there are two options for Total Time in Status glance display when you open a ticket:

  1. New display hides the glance, and you need to click on it to see the results as shown on the examples below.

  2. Old display makes the glance visible immediately. To enable this view, add ?oldIssueView=true to your URL. As a result, you will see the information on the ticket age without any additional clicks.

In Jira Software and Jira Core, you can define the way you want to display the glance in your profile settings:

  1. Go to Your profile and settings and select Personal settings.
  2. Toggle the switch for the New Jira issue view.


The selected display will be applied to all tickets that you view in Jira.

Can 'Total time in Status' be visible in Confluence?

Yes! You asked and we listened. Starting with version 2.1.10 for Jira 8 and above, you may display a Total Time in Status custom field in Confluence. Read more here.

Can I set up several levels of SLA for a field?

There is no ability to set up different SLA for one field. But for Jira Server / DC, you may create several TTiS custom fields and set up SLA for each of them. In other words, you have to add two custom fields with the same selected status and configure different SLAs. 

Can I create the Issue History reports for several projects?

For now, reports are available for each project separately, but let us know if you would like to request this feature.

Can I set up different working days/hours for projects?

Yes, working time is configurable on project level in Server, DC and Cloud platforms.

Can I expect that the Cloud version has the same functionality as the Server version?

We're working hard to ensure the most similar functionality in Cloud as you're used to seeing in Server. But it may not be totally the same due to different architecture between Server and Cloud Jira versions.





Select certain Projects

Select certain Status(tick)(tick)
Custom Fields(tick)(tick)*The information is available in the Glance panel in one field
Select Time format(tick)(minus)


SLA time tracking & highlight(tick)*(tick)The server version allows to set up different SLAs for different TTIS custom fields
Dashboard Gadget with multiple reports types(minus)(tick)Scheduled

Configuring working hours

Configuring non-working days(tick)(tick)

User/Status & Status/User Statistics Issue tabs


Assignee History & Issue History Statistics Reports

Export Report to Excel(tick)(tick)