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Dual Licensing support

Versions 2.0.4 and up support both Cprime and Atlassian licenses, but you only need one valid license to run the app, which can be provided as the jjupin.lic file or as the key generated via the Atlassian Marketplace.

The order in which the licenses are checked is:

  1. Atlassian license
  2. Cprime license

It is strongly recommended that you do not install both licenses at once, as this might yield unwanted results. For example, consider that you have an Atlassian License with the support date expired and one valid Cprime License. In this case you cannot update the app, because the Atlassian License is checked first and its support date is expired.

Atlassian licensing

The Atlassian Marketplace allows you to easily purchase or generate an evaluation license for Power Scripts for Jira.

After generating the license key, all you have to do is access the Administration > Plugins section in your Jira instance and paste the key into the corresponding app textbox.
For more information see UPM documentation.

Cprime licensing

To apply Cprime licensing:

  1. Contact our support to obtain this file. 
  2. Copy the file to the <JIRA_HOME>/kepler folder.
  3. Ensure that Jira has read and write access to the file.
  4. Restart Jira.

Cprime License Page

To check the validity of our apps:

  1. In your Jira, go to Administration > Add-ons.
  2. Select Cprime Plugins Configuration > Licensing menu.
    The Cprime Licenses page shows the expiration and maintenance date, user limit and validity message for each license, including warnings that reflect the current status of all your licenses.


In order to make sure that your Jira installation is safe even if you forget to renew your license, in Power Scripts for Jira 4.0 we let the runtime execute your scripts as configured, however, the configuration and administration pages will be disabled. 

Removing an unused license

If you want to remove an Atlassian license that you no longer use, use UPM (for UPM 2.0.1+) or remove the old license key and click Update

To remove a Cprime license, delete the correspondent .lic file from the Cprime folder. Note that any change to the Cprime license requires a server restart.