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Power Scripts for Jira Server

Power Scripts for Jira is a Jira app that offers extensive scripting capabilities to Jira. The language itself is called Simple Issue Language (SIL) and this is a language resembling C / Java. SIL is intended to simplify work for people who do not want to dive deep into implementation details of Jira or users who do not know Java. In addition, the purpose of the language is to make things as simple as possible, so a person without strong programming abilities can use it, but retaining as much flexibility as possible and exposing what we believe to be the basics of workflow customization, email handling, issue listeners, scheduled tasks, and so on.

Where to go next

Check out what's new in Power Scripts 4.0, or install the product and poke around the endless possibilities to extend your Jira!

Introducing Power Scripts for Jira Cloud

Having established an acknowledged presence in the server, now power family of apps is expanding to the Cloud! And the first to start the cloud branch of power apps is Power Scripts for Jira cloud - at your service.

A strong successor of the Power family of the apps, Power Scripts for Jira cloud gives you great scripting capabilities to automate, administer, and extend your Jira - all without the need to have the programming experience.


Don't miss your chance to get the app early at a discounted price. The offer is valid for the first three months only. We plan to implement many useful features and after the first three months the price will increase.

Get it now and enjoy all the goodies at a reduced price!

Features in Power Scripts for Jira Cloud

With the beta release, a handful of features is available already and at a reduced pricing, and many more are coming along too!

Feature / Area





1Add, edit, delete SIL scripts(tick)(tick)
2Harness the power of Jira without programming knowledge(tick)(tick)
3SIL post-functions(tick)(tick)
4Event listeners(tick)in our roadmap!
5Sync with remote systems(tick)in our roadmap!
7Schedule scripts to run on an interval or as a CRON job(tick)in our roadmap!
8JQL Support(tick)in our roadmap!

LDAP support




(tick) and many more coming soon!