This routine is available starting with Power Scripts 3.0.10 (server).




runnerLog(message, percent, action) 


runnerLog(message, treatAsHtml) - (since version 4.6.5)


runnerLog(message, treatAsHtml, percent) - (since version 4.6.5)


Puts the 'message' message on the console of a runner gadget. This is a special routine only for the Power Scripts for Jira or SIL Excel Reporting and only for the runner. The use of it has no effect in other places besides for the runner.

Starting with Power Scripts for Jira 3.0.10 (server), the runnerLog routine can also render a progress bar by specifying the percent that you want to be set.

The runnerLog routine can be called in the SIL Manager, but also in the Power Scripts SIL Runner Gadget.


messagestringYesSpecifies the message to be put on the runner console
percentnumberNoSpecifies the percent to be updated on the progress bar

Specifies the action to be executed (so far, the only action

considered is init_progressBar - to initialize the progress bar;

everything else will be ignored)

treatAsHtmlbooleanNoSpecifies either to show the message as a string, or treat it and render it in the browser as HTML code. - Since version 4.6.5

Return type

string, can always be ignored


The scripts would look like this:

date start_date = gadget_getDateValue(argv, "Start Date");
string tanks = gadget_getSingleValue(argv, "Tanks");
string infantry = gadget_getSingleValue(argv, "Infantry");
string rockets = gadget_getMultiValues(argv, "Rockets");
runnerLog("Preparing to start a war...", 0, "init_progressBar");
runnerLog("The war will start at this date: " + start_date, 10);
runnerLog("Building tanks...");
runnerLog("Built " + tanks + " tanks.", 30);
runnerLog("Gathering infantry...");
runnerLog("Gathered " + infantry + " brave men.", 60);
runnerLog("Fueling rockets...");
runnerLog(rockets + " ready.", 90);
runnerLog("Dispatching orders...", 100);
return "Good job! The world is now at war!";

In this case, using the new runnerLog routine, when the script execution is done, the runner will look like this:

Example 2

The following runnerLog routine call:

runnerLog("<font color='red'>This is a red text!</font>", true);

Will print a red text in the runner log:

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