Live Fields Routines

This section contains routines that enable users to interact with fields on the screen – standard fields, custom fields, tabs, and so on.

Routines summary

  • lfAllowSelectOptionsRestricts a field's selectable values to the list of options given as a parameter of the routine.
  • lfDialogMessageDisplays a global message in a dialog box.
  • lfDisableDisables the given field.
  • lfDisableTabDisables the given tab of a provided name.
  • lfEnableEnables the given field.
  • lfEnableTabEnables the given tab.
  • lfExecuteJSGives you the possibility to run your own javascript code.
  • lfGlobalMessageDisplays a global message.
  • lfHideAllExceptHides all given fields, panels, and tabs except the ones given as parameters.
  • lfHideFieldMessageHides a message for the given field.
  • lfHideTabHides the specified tab.
  • lfInstantHookExecutes the given SIL script passing the screen values for the specified dependent fields (relatedFields) as parameters to the script.
  • lfRedirectRedirects to the specified URL.
  • lfRefreshScreenPerforms a page reload.
  • lfRestrictSelectOptionsRestricts certain options from the list of options for the field.
  • lfSetSets the field with the given values.
  • lfShowShows the given field.
  • lfShowAllShows the given fields, panels and tabs.
  • lfShowFieldMessageDisplays a message for the given field.
  • lfShowTabShows the given tab.
  • lfWatchAttaches listeners for the events that you give as parameters in the function.