Support Response Service Level Agreements

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We provide standard and advanced support opportunities for our products. Standard support comes with all our supported apps, and you can also upgrade to advanced support with us as well.

We strive to respond to every request within one business day except for the weekends and holidays listed below. Note that this is relative to time to first response. The amount of time needed to provide a fix is variable based on the nature of the event. Each request is prioritized against all other requests in the support queue depending on the request type. For instance, requests for licensed commercial plugins (commercial support) take advantage over free plugins or trial licenses (free support).

We do our best effort to reply to each request in the shortest time reasonably possible. We provide support in accordance with this SLA but cannot be held responsible for delays caused by Client or for reasons outside of our control. Support for the Data Center clients is prioritized so that we ensure quick response time and fast solution finding for such clients.

Types of app support

  1. Standard Support - Free - app functionality, billing, installation, configuration support
  2. Advanced Support - Paid - Priority processing, implementation consultations, script consultations
  3. Engagement - Sales Channel - We'll implement your hardest use cases for you!
  4. Atlassian Community - Free - Best effort to address the question

Standard support

Standard app support covers

  • Investigating reported issues related to our products
  • Bug fixing on our paid apps
  • Bug fixing on our free apps
  • Compatibility updates for our supported apps
  • Help with functional issues (bugs, troubleshooting) except when outlined in the documentation
  • Help with issues arising out of our product upgrades
  • Help regarding billing, pricing, upgrade, renewals for our apps
  • Demos for certain apps
  • Scheduling patches when a defect is identified in the latest version of the product. 
    Please note that you'll need to have an active maintenance subscription to install a patch.
  • Accepting feature requests but without ETA or guarantee that a feature will ever be implemented

Standard app support does not cover

  • Implementation support
  • Training, webinars on our products
  • Help for our unsupported and archived apps
    This includes help on the app versions for the versions of Atlassian applications that are no longer supported by Atlassian
  • Help on app versions that have been modified by client
  • Support on custom scripts written by clients. Please post such requests to the Atlassian Community. 
    We as well as other community members will provide advice and tips and tricks there but we cannot provide a guaranteed quick reply there.
  • Creating patches for previous versions of the product, except critical security fixes
  • Help with programming
  • Evaluation license for the periods of time longer than available on the Marketplace
  • Providing app upgrades or configuration
  • Help on Atlassian software
  • Help on third party apps or software
  • Help on issues not related to our apps
  • Support outside of the team working hours
  • Support in languages other than English
  • Phone support
  • Source code for our apps

We do our best effort but cannot guarantee quick turnaround time on the following requests

  • Help on our free apps
  • Help on our apps that are currently on the evaluation license or on the inactive license
  • Installation, configuration support on our apps if not covered in the documentation
  • Workarounds for our apps due to Jira, Confluence, or other Atlassian application limitation

Advanced support services

We understand that every company requires different level of our engagement and are happy to help you with requests that fall outside of standard support. We offer various kinds of custom, advanced support services to tailor your specific needs and use cases. We review your case with you and define the time and services necessary to help you achieve your goals. Then we plan work on your case and you get a dedicated developer and a timeframe to satisfy your needs.

Please note that this service is not typically appropriate for significant project work, which would be quoted for on a project by project basis.

Examples of advances support services

  • Training on our products
  • Optimize your spendings by identifying apps you can retire and consultations on how you can substitute them by Power Scripts
  • Implementation consultations
  • Script consultations
  • Complicated use cases
  • Configuration consultations
  • Complex upgrades
  • Customized solutions of our apps
  • Help during unplanned events and complex upgrades

Advanced support benefits

  • Priority processing of your requests
  • You receive a dedicated developer to work on your case
  • We regularly update you on the matter 
  • We check the scripts you wrote and provide advice
  • We suggest workarounds and configuration changes where applicable

Advanced support does not cover

  • Writing custom scripts for you or significant project work
    We will review the scope with you as a custom scripting engagement
  • Support outside of the team working hours
  • Source code for our apps


If you would like to build something entirely custom, unique to your needs, or take care of your hardest use case – we can do it too! In this case we will scope the effort, review it with you and implement it as a custom dev engagement. Whichever you want to achieve is possible – let's chat!

Atlassian Community

Aside from standard and premier support, you can also find help (suggestions, best practices, tips and tricks) in the Atlassian Community. Implementation requests are not covered in our standard support, yet in addition to Community members, we also check the Community and provide our answers there. We recommend that you post your implementation questions and requests there. This way you will get help and other Community members will have access to the solution as well. 

Disclaimer: Cprime cannot be held liable for any advice given by third parties in the Atlassian Community. For Cprime support on the implementation requests, please contact us for premier support contract.

Getting support

You can contact us using any of the following methods, listed in preferential order.

Business hours and response time

Our support team working hours are 8am - 6pm UTC Monday through Friday. Our support service is closed on the weekends and all federal public holidays observed in the United States of America.