Requirements for Power Scripts™ for Jira (server)

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Before you install Power Scripts for Jira (server), ensure that the following requirements are met.

Jira Version

Power Scripts for Jira 4.0 is intended for Jira 7.x and above.

If Power Scripts detects Jira Software application installed on the instance, it will automatically extend its functionality adding routines and types specific to Jira Software application. The same will happen if it detects Jira Service Desk.

Physical Resources

The necessary physical resources depend on the usage of the scripts, their complexity and number.

Disk usage is minimal, you will use the disk to store script files and templates. A normal usage means many small files totaling less than 5Mb.

Database usage is also minimal, and for normal usage the amount of stored data is less than 5 Mb.

CPU usage also depends on the scripts and their requested blocking operations. Simple Issue Language or SIL is an interpreted language, which means you can do an infinite cycle in a script; so it largely depends on the user. Under normal circumstances, the overhead of the interpreted script is less than 1% of the actual task.

Caching scripts trees (parsed trees) has an impact on the memory usage; for performance reasons we also calculate usages asynchronously and cache them. You should expect at least 50-100Mb of Java extra heap usage.