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The Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation is a cloud and server app that does not require additional functionality besides your hosting server in order to run. Our plugin uses our in-house developed Simple Issue Language (SIL) to aid administrators with script development. 

The plugins simply allow the users to write straightforward scripts without having a coding experience. Any lack of correct functioning will not impair the functionality of the host software. Likewise, any problem with the host, with the except of the attachments functionality, will not interfere with the functionality of Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation.

The user interface of the Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation is entirely client-side. All browsers supported by the host product will run Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation at user acceptable speeds.

Since Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation uses our cloud-store SIL, those attachments are backed up as a part of any normal backup of the host software. 

Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation provides support for the plugins. The initial response time (in business hours) to the ticket depends on the severity of the problem.

The resolution time of the incident depends upon the complexity of the issue and the time customers take to respond to requests for additional information. Cprime's target is to respond to each communication within the same interval as for initial communication, during business hours.

Business hours are Monday - Friday, 09:00M - 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time

Known issues

This privacy policy describes how we treat your personal information and data when you use the Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation plugin. The Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation plugins are the product of Cprime and are responsible for the creation of the product and any automated emails generated from the Atlassian Sales API. Cprime is responsible for ensuring this privacy policy is applied regarding the use of the plugin.

Personal Information
No personal information, or information stored on the installation server(s) is made available to Cprime when you install the plugin on a server of cluster of servers from those servers.
Atlassian make available certain technical contact and billing contact information to Cprime via their Sales API when the plugin is installed and a license (evaluation or full) is applied to the plugin. Please see Atlassian's privacy policy for details on how they treat your information.

Cprime automatically analyses the Sales API and may use the email and/or telephone number to contact you.
In the case of you installing a non-evaluation license to the plugin you agree that your technical email contact will be automatically be added to the "Power Scripts for Jira Script Automation" email list. This list consists of around 2-3 emails per year detailing importing new features in the plugin, as well as alerting you to any critical issues. If you wish to be removed from the list, you can unsubscribe using the link in the footer of any of the emails generated by the list, or by emailing with the email you wish to have removed.