SIL Panel Configuration

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The SIL Panel Configuration allows you to display a panel with the desired SIL template for a specified project and issue types. 

If you don't know how to write templates see the SIL™ Template language page.

Managing SIL Panels

You can access the SIL Panel Configuration page from Administration > Add-ons > SIL Panel Configuration.

Columns description



NameThe name of the SIL Panel configuration
Template PathFull path to the script
ProjectProject for which the SIL panel is configured
Issue TypesIssue types for which the SIL panel is configured
DisplayThe display option type
OperationsPossible operations to do on a SIL panel: edit, delete

Adding a SIL Panel

Each entry for the SIL Panel represents a script that will run for a panel. When you add a SIL Panel, you need to define the following required fields:

  • Name - the SIL Panel configuration name, unique
  • SIL template - the script that will be executed on every issue page for the associated project and issue types
  • Project - the project for which the panel configuration should be displayed
  • Issue Type - the issue types for which the panel configuration should be displayed
  • Display - the display option of the panel. A panel can be displayed on the right side of the issue on the issue sidebar or in the left side before the activity tab.

Examples of Display option:

  • Left 

  • Right

Updating a SIL Panel

To update a SIL panel configuration, click the Edit icon in the Operations column on the SIL Panel Configuration page and update the fields in the pop-up window.

Deleting a SIL Panel

To remove a SIL Panel configuration, click Delete icon in the Operations column on the SIL Panel Configuration page.