getVersionFromEvent (the cloud version)

Due to some differences between Jira's server REST API and the REST API from cloud, this routine will work slightly different here than it does on server. This happens because, in case of a version updated event, we cannot retrieve both of the information of the given version, before and after the changes being made.

This being said, it could be said to be, somehow a combination of the server routines for the version events (getVersionFromEvent / getOldVersionFromEvent).  




Retrieves a structure containing information about a version that has been created, released, unreleased, updated or deleted.

Return value

A JVersion value containing the component data.


logPrint("INFO""Result of listener: " + getVersionFromEvent());

The result is a structure containing version id, name, description, project key of the version, start date and release dates, and information about whether the version is archieved or released.