Power Dashboard Reports and Gadgets

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The Power Dashboard Reports and Gadgets plugin lets you create custom reports on your Jira dashboard by using the full power of the SIL® language. With SIL®, any data you want can be collected and aggregated into one stunning report. Data from within your Jira instance, an external Jira instance, an external database, a 3rd party system - basically everywhere! Then, SIL® can perform complex calculations to create dazzling reports and visualizations directly on your Jira dashboard.


  • Power under the hood - uses the SIL® language to collect data and perform complex calculations.
  • Visualizations - a built-in charting library makes it easy to visualize data. Or, use any JavaScript charting library to make your own great reports.
  • Flexibility - creates any report using custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.
  • Easy to use - uses the power of the SIL® Template Language to easily create HTML templates.
  • Stay healthy! - includes pre-built reports to show you the health status of your Jira instance.


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