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Gaia for Jira explained to you

Gaia for Jira is an app designed to help you create Jira projects and Confluence spaces from predefined combined templates. These templates are fully customizable (you create them) and can be used to instantiate multiple new Jira+Confluence projects with a default baseline to start with. This app targets team leaders, project managers, architects, project organizers, who have a repetitive set of document artifact (checklists, instructions, forms) they need to repeat:

  • always use the same project layouts;

  • need to reenter the same list of tasks again and again;

  • wish to setup an entry level software/system engineering process;

  • wish to setup their Jira Agile project.

The app is able to connect your Confluence instance with your Jira projects and alleviate the management tasks.

What Gaia for Jira has to offer you:

  • creating a Jira project with a set a predefined issues taken from a template;

  • importing your own project templates to use when creating a Jira project;

  • creating a Confluence space from predefined content using a template;

  • importing your own space template to use when creating a Jira project;

  • automating the referencing of Jira issues in the Confluence space;

  • automating the creation of Jira Agile board and Jira Dashboards;

  • the flexibility to configure as many templates as needed;

  • and much more!

How to get Gaia for Jira 

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace (Gaia for Jira) or from your Jira instance (search for "Gaia for Jira" in "Find new add-ons").


You should always backup your system before installing new apps.

Gaia for Jira and Atlassian Cloud (formerly OnDemand)

Gaia for Jira does not work with Cloud. You can export templates created from a Cloud instance (from Jira and/or Confluence) and import it locally, but the app can not be installed on an Cloud instance.

Available Resources

To help you obtain the most from your app, we provide you with

  • a user guide, to help you understand the concepts and features of the app, how everything works together;

  • sample templates, to help you figure out what you can do with Gaia;

  • an upgrade guide;

  • details of supported and tested versions of Jira and Confluence for the current release of the app;

  • Troubleshooting articles.

See the Gaia for Jira Guidessection for the complete list guides.


To run Gaia for Jira , see the banner on the upright side of your monitor, just below the GAIA logo.

Backward compatibility is not guaranteed with older versions. Please update your packages.

*Confluence is optional and is only required if you intend to use a Confluence space in your templates.

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