Page Routines

This section contains routines that enable users to handle pages.

Routines summary

  • clonePageClones the page and returns the id of the cloned page. Takes page id to clone, new parent page id and new page title (title is optional).
  • clonePageTreeClones the page tree with its permissions.
  • copyPageContentCopies page content from one page to another.
  • countPagesReturns the number of pages that matched the CQL search query.
  • createPageCreates an issue based on the provided arguments.
  • deletePageDeletes the selected page.
  • deletePageTreeDeletes the selected page and all its child pages.
  • getChildPagesGet the list of child pages (direct children) for a selected page.
  • getPageRetrieves a page ID by searching for space key and page title. The routine will return a -1 if the page is not found.
  • getPagesReturns all descendants of a page (all levels, not only direct children) or a set of pages matching space key and title.
  • getPageURLReturns the URL of the page.
  • movePageMoves the selected page to a new parent page.
  • pageExistsVerifies whether a given page is a registered Confluence page.
  • selectPagesReturns an array with the IDs of the pages that match the search query.