Date and Interval Routines

This section contains routines that enable users to deal with dates.

Routines Summary

  • addMonthsAdds a number of months to a specified date, preserving the day of month where possible.
  • currentDateReturns the current date.
  • dayReturns a number representing the day of month: 1-31.
  • dayOfWeekReturns the day of week.
  • endOfMonthReturns a date set on the last day of the month for the given date.
  • formatDateFormats the given date into a date/time string accordingly to the given format expression.
  • hourReturns the hour of the provided date: 0-23.
  • millisToDateConverts milliseconds to a date.
  • millisToIntervalConverts milliseconds to a time interval.
  • minuteReturns the minutes of the provided date: 0-59.
  • monthReturns a number representing the month of the provided date (1-12).
  • monthNameReturns the month name of the provided date.
  • parseDateReturns the parsed date according to the format you provided. If parse fails, it will return a null date.
  • secondReturns the seconds of the provided date: 0-59.
  • startOfDayReturns a date, but strips off the hours, minutes and seconds.
  • startOfMonthReturns a date set on the first day of the month for the given date. Also sets hours/minutes/seconds to 0.
  • toDateCreates a date value from the specified parameters.
  • toJiraDateFormatDisplays the given date using Jira format.
  • toRawWorkingIntervalReturns a date interval converted to the specified number of hours per day.
  • toTimeZoneConverts a date to the specified time zone.
  • weekReturns the week number in the year of the provided date.
  • yearReturns the year of the provided date.