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System Integration

This section contains routines for system integration. It enables users to deal with databases, LDAP and so on.

Routines Summary

  • callExecutes SIL script on the current host or different host.
  • databaseAvailableChecks if the database is available.
  • getPersistentVarGets the persistent var, as a string
  • ldapUserAttrReturns an array of the requested attribute.
  • ldapUserListReturns an array of the requested attributes for all users matching the query.
  • ldapUserStructReturns an array of JLdapUserStruct representing all users matched by the query.
  • runSILInlineExecutes the script with the given arguments.
  • saveURLToFileSaves the content of some URL (HTTP GET) to the specified file.
  • sendEmailSends an email.
  • sendSMSSends an SMS using the ENMS service or some other provider.
  • serverInfoReturns some basic information about the Jira server.
  • setPersistentVarSets the persistent var, as a string
  • silEnvReturns the variable as presented in the environment.
  • sqlExecutes the SQL phrase over the defined datasource.
  • sqlCallStoredProcedureExecutes the stored procedure over the defined datasource name / JNDI datasource.
  • sqlCallStoredProcedureWithOutParamsExecutes the stored procedure over the defined datasource.
  • systemExecutes the command of the operating system.