Power Salesforce Connector Introduction

Power Salesforce Connector provides a smooth integration of Jira issues with Salesforce objects. With this app, collaboration between your sales and delivery teams has never been easier as they communicate and work on issues efficiently, receiving comments and context in real time.

Power Salesforce Connector enables teams to track work through different departments with a better workflow and better work item linkages in order to solve problems for their customers faster between two systems.

Power Salesforce Connector will be a game changer in its ability to alert delivery/product teams when an opportunity is won in Salesforce through Jira updates from the Sales team, allowing developers to plan and prepare for future work more efficiently. You don't need to be extra tech savvy to establish an integration. With advanced features this connector is all you need to integrate your two tools.

Connector benefits

  • Integrated Communication Teams communicate and work together using two tools seamlessly
  • Track Progress Control data flow with effective field mapping - easily track the progress of work between different departments with real time updates.
  • Stay on top of things by pushing and pulling changes to and from Salesforce.
  • Escalate work in a more effective way. Get real-time context and better communication and collaboration of work items that happen at different times in a process and workflow.

  • Synchronize work items between two systems (Salesforce and Jira). Sought to be able to escalate, fast track and bi-directionally synchronize Jira and Salesforce fields, custom fields, status, comments, attachments.

  • Simplified Workflow. Fuse Sales, Customer Support and Development together in a way that caters to all their work item needs as it related to their customer requests, increasing ability to repeat and scale cross team handoffs.
  • Better Enterprise Collaboration. Real-time and historical comments, attachments, status and other system relevant fields are completely bridged across systems allowing the context at different stages
  • Productivity Increases. Automation of work between systems reduces manual reporting and time spent understanding the big picture
  • Cost Savings: Fewer people need to be a part of the process and handoffs and this became an automated rule vs someone's job.
  • Better Customer Satisfaction. Customers have real-time feedback on escalations and understand where their ticket is in the process, building transparency and trust.

Key highlights

  • Connect to Salesforce
  • Create Salesforce accounts
  • Retrieve Salesforce accounts
  • Create Salesforce opportunities
  • Retrieve/Update Salesforce opportunities
  • SOQL search