Getting started

Looking for the documentation on the newest versions of SIL Engine and the Simple Issue Language for Jira 8 for Server/Data Center? Click here !


Simple Issue Language

Simple Issue Language (SIL™) is an easy to learn scripting language (see SIL™ syntax) that is used by our certain apps. 


For example with SIL™ and Power Scripts for Jira app you can create a post-function that automatically creates a sub-task.

string projectKey= "TSTP";

string issueType = "Sub-task";
string issueSummary = "Issue created using SIL";
//create routine
issue = createIssue(projectKey, key, issueType, issueSummary);

See more examples here.


For the language syntax, check out the syntax page.

Jira standard variables

SIL™ has a list of standard variables that you can use to change issues fields.

For example, to change the issue description you can use the standard variable description:

description = "Issue description";

Learn more about standard variables here.


SIL™ comes with a library of standard routines to use in scripts. There are routines for handling arrays, strings, dates and there are specific app routines.

Learn more about SIL™ routines here.

What's next

After you get started with SIL™, see details on How it works.