This routine is available starting with SIL Engine™ 2.5.10/ 2.6.2.


sendHtmlEmail ([from], to, [cc], subject, body_or_template, [language] )

sendHtmlEmail (from, to, cc, subject, body_or_template, language, issue_key, regex_array )

sendHtmlEmail (from, to, cc, subject, body_or_template, language, wildcard_path_array )




Deprecated. Sends an email, HTML formatted.

To and cc are string arrays with any of email addresses, users or groups. Email is sent to all the users of the groups.

From is optional. If missing the email is sent from the default email address configured in Jira.

The routine is the same as sendEmail but with MIME type features. Starting with version 4.0 the engine is able to detect automatically when you send email. This routine is now an alias to sendEmail. Refer to that documentation page for details. 

 To render HTML correct, write it correct: 'using the <html> and <body> tags'.

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