Script storage

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Script Storage Configuration

Starting with version 4.0 we virtualized the SIL™ scripts.'Virtualization of a SIL™ script' means that a script may be stored either on disk (default) or in the database (optional).This may seem like an odd functionality, but in short time, we're preparing a bold move: carrying the whole scripts to the database, performing a backup on the server, then moving to another one and doing restore, that will restore all the scripts in the right places. You will have the opportunity to move them back to files on the target system. This functionality is the first step toward this goal.

In addition to the architecture that is flexible enough so we can add any type of storage, storing files in the database is very important feature. Advantages of using it are following:

  • files management in case of moving an installation
  • controversial more safe storage (we hope you backup your database)
  • disk remains clean

Disadvantage is an accessing a source before putting it to the cache has a small performance penalty, and that accessing it outside of our SIL™ editor may be harder.

The above setting is used just for files that will be created. Files may be individually moved between storages using the SIL® Manager editor. If unsure, use File System.


Only SIL™ scripts are stored in the database storage as of now. Other configuration files, like mail templates, are not. We plan to change that, too.

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