Surveys for Jira


Surveys for Jira

Send, aggregate and analyze survey data, based on the quality of the support received by customers. You can customize, brand your surveys, manage permissions, add automation based on survey results and more. The app works for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk thus enabling you to leverage both internal surveys for company employees and external ones for your customers.

Key features

  • Configurability – Surveys for Jira is the most versatile survey app on the market - personalize, brand your surveys, define any custom questions, trigger points, use stars or numbers in your rating, apply filters, use CSS to brand your surveys, etc. 
  • Quick – get ready in seconds with 1-click survey that has all data pre-populated 
  • Freedom – Set up survey rules for automatic surveys or trigger surveys manually at any time 
  • Permissions – define the level of access to survey feedback 
  • Report – view main stats on a survey dashboard, measure average rating and rating dynamics, drill down to detailed survey results in an exportable report 
  • Take action – take your surveys to the next level with SIL scripting and add any automation you need based on survey results - assign, transition, create tickets, add automatic comments and more!

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