What is the limit of surveys that I can create?

It's unlimited. We have tested up to 10K+ surveys per project and it worked.

What is the limit of questions in the custom / advanced survey?

It's unlimited too. (smile) Some of our customers are using surveys with 50+ questions without any issues, and this is not the limit.

Can we brand our survey?

Yes! You can add your company logo, theme, add colors â€“ Surveys for Jira support HTML and CSS formatting.

Can I export survey results?

Yes. Data tables support export formats to CSV, PDF, XLSX, data copy and table printing.

Do the surveys support skipping logic?

Yes, skipping logic is supported. You can use JQL filter for filtering the issues for which the survey will be triggered or select a frequency percentage configuration using which you can choose how often the survey should be triggered. For instance, you can send surveys for issues with "High" priority only.

I have created a survey using your plugin, why does the survey not send?

There could be a few possible reasons for this:

  • You have not selected this project for the survey
  • The ticket that you used to test the email survey did not progress to the stage selected for the survey trigger point. 
    For example, trigger stage is set to Resolved but your ticket is still at Waiting for Support status.
  • You have set the mail frequency to less than 100%. In this case a counter will send surveys for only a certain percentage of the tickets.
    When testing the survey we recommend setting the frequency to 100% so that you can effectively test the sending functionality.

I got my survey to send successfully but the email is not displaying the rating selection form

This has been documented by some other survey companies as well. Sometimes your email client of choice might not render the form correctly. Please try another email client. If the issue persists please use our Custom Survey function so that the emailed survey includes a link to your customized HTML survey.

See here for further details on the rendering issue: 

After I upgraded to 3.0 version, I don't see all survey reports that were available in the previous version

The surveys are not deleted, reduced number of report entries is caused by the change of the report model starting from version 3.0. We had to change the report model as the old one blocked further development. The new report model enables us to further improve the report functionality in the direction we have planned.

Unfortunately the data migration of all entries from the old model to the new one was not possible because required information for a new model was missing in some old entries and was not possible to collect. Thus, during data migration we had to invalidate report entries which did not have linked date report entry with it and which were linked to the issue that had no assignee or reporter. 

The old data is still there and you can see and use old report entries if you install the previous version of the Surveys for Jira.

The amount of surveys you see in the 3.0 version is the amount of entries that had required info for migrating to the new model. We had to make this step for providing better user experience and further growth of the project.

Can I send a survey manually bypassing the trigger conditions?

You can customize your surveys in any way you want, and they will be sent out based on the trigger points and frequency that you define. But in addition to that you can now force send surveys without changing the general rule for your surveys.

Is there any follow up automation I can do based on the surveys?

If you also use our other app Power Scripts, you can add automation to your surveys as well. Starting with v3.2.3 for Jira 7 and v3.3.3 for Jira 8, we have added the possibility for you to trigger other actions once the survey is sent or survey feedback is received.

For instance, you can have an automatic comment posted in the ticket indicating that the survey was sent  or change assignee, create another ticket, and so on. Now the endless possibilities of SIL are brought into Surveys for Jira.

Can I use survey data and feed it to my reporting system?

In addition to viewing results in the app UI inside Jira, you can also use REST API to retrieve survey data and work with it further in other systems.

Why do I see "error 500" when I click a survey link from an email?

You can see this error message if you missed putting the required placeholders in Form body: #form & #SdQuestion. Find more here.

Can we use Surveys for Jira Add-on to measure NPS?

We do not have a special option for this purpose. But you may configure an appropriate survey and use the 'Rating by issue count' report to obtain the percentage of promoters (share of '9-10' rates from total), detractors (share of '0-6' rates from total), and calculate NPS as a difference. This report is available in Cloud plugin version as well as in Server/DC.

Can I expect that the Cloud version has the same functionality as the Server version?

We're working hard to ensure the most similar functionality in Cloud as you're used to seeing in Server. But it may not be totally the same due to different architecture between Server and Cloud Jira versions.





Permissions to view survey reports, feedback and rating

1 Click Survey(tick)(minus)


Surveys recipients: Single user, User group, Multi User Picker CF, Custom(tick)(tick)*In Jira cloud assignee, reporter, custom user, custom group are available
Survey Email can include weblink or rating form(tick)(tick)
Work with rating or 'yes/no' option(tick)(tick)
Rating Elements: numbers or stars(tick)(minus)


Custom Rates count (0-10)(tick)(minus)


Ask users for a comment(tick)(tick)
Thank you message(tick)(tick)
URL for expired surveys(tick)(minus)

In Jira cloud, you can set up a re-direct URL for answered surveys

Different types of questions, option 'Required question'(tick)(tick)


Test survey(tick)(minus)


Trigger Point (status change, JQL match, manually)(tick)(tick)
Trigger a SIL script(tick)(minus)


Frequency sent survey(tick)(tick)

Branding your surveys (email, form, background)

(tick)(tick)*HTML is supported in the survey Email & Form
Custom Table Report(tick)(tick)

Survey Dashboard


Survey information in the ticket

Export Survey results (CSV, PDF, XLSX)(tick)(tick)*in Cloud - only CSV
Select color of stars(minus)(tick)Scheduled
Set up custom SMTP Server(tick)(tick)
Jira Service Management support(tick)(tick)
Multiple active surveys per project(minus)(tick)Scheduled