SP cloud - Configuring Surveys for Jira

This section provides information on how to configure Surveys for Jira cloud:

Sending emails

By default, emails are sent out from our server. No actions are required from your side. In this case, emails will be sent from the address: jirasurveys@surveys.cprime.io.

If you want, you are able to configure your own SMTP server.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as a user with the Administrators' permission.

  2. In a Jira project, go to the project settings. 

  3. On the left panel, click Project SMTP Configuration and enable Custom configuration.
  4. Fill out the fields.

  5. Check and save your settings.

The SMTP server configuration is automatically applied to all your Surveys within Jira Cloud instance. It's impossible to use different SMTP settings for each project.

Example how to configure Gmail SMTP settings

To send emails from your Gmail address, you must enter the correct Gmail SMTP settings.

SMTP hostsmtp.gmail.com
SMTP port465
SMTP auth userYour Gmail address
SMTP auth passwordYour Gmail password
SMTP `reply to` addressGmail or any email address you want users might reply to
SMTP `from` titleGoogle account name will be displayed here

Additionally, you have to log in to your Google account which you're going to use for sending surveys and to make configurations: 

  1. Enable "Access for less secure apps", this allows you to use the google SMTP for clients other than the official ones - https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps

  2. Allow access from other devices and applications to your Google account - https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha?lp=1&hl=en

Access to user emails

The only thing you might need to check is whether users in your Jira accepted that their email addresses can be used. Due to privacy considerations, using someone's email cannot be forced onto a person, so without the person's consent no emails will be sent even if a ticket matches the trigger conditions for a survey to be sent. You can check Jira cloud documentation for more details on this.

These are all considerations. In the future, we plan to add more configuration options for the app and we'll capture the changes here. If you have an idea or a feature request - we'd love to hear from you at anovaproducts@appfire.com.

What's next?

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